What some are saying about us…

“Jim provided our truck committee with a clear and concise education about the dynamics in developing apparatus specifications. He assisted our committee in breaking down the components of each proposal and crafting pointed questions to ask each manufacturer’s representatives about their proposal. Jim’s service was truly a valued added, a service that we never utilized before when purchasing an apparatus”.

– Michael P. Thurz
Chief, Glastonbury Fire Department
Glastonbury, CT
Glastonbury FD

“I have worked with Jim Lyons of J Lyons Consulting since 2010. Jim is the most professional and educated individual I have known in my 35 years of the fire service. Jim has been involved in building our fleet of engines and currently our tanker for over 8 years. Every time our fleet committee has had questions Jim was available. He has answered our calls from early morning to late at night as well as countless meetings. In my opinion he is simply the best!”

-James A. Paul, Jr.
Chief, Ret – Southington Fire Department
Southington, CT
Southington FD

“I’ve known Jim for many years. We’ve worked together and Jim has been an important part of successful fire truck design for many fire departments paid and volunteer. From Jim’s technical knowledge being on the manufacturing side of the business to his real life field experience gives him the best of both worlds while guiding a customer to a specification that best fits their needs. I recommend any department looking for assistance to specify their vehicular needs give Jim a call and make an appointment. You’ll be happy you did.”

– Colin Chambless
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Kussmaul Electronics

“We hired J. Lyons Fire Consultants to assist in writing specifications and the following bid process for our new rescue/pumper.  Jim is extremely professional.  He took the time to analyze our needs so he knew how to best advise us on the preparation of the specifications. When the bids were received his knowledge and expertise was extremely helpful.  Even after all was said and done, the truck delivered, he continued to check in with us.  I would highly recommend Jim Lyons for any truck project needs”.

– Eugene Petricevich
Past Chairman, Board of Commissioners
Brookhaven Fire District, LINY
Brookhaven FD

“J. Lyons Fire Consultants was hired by the town after we had received our second set of bid proposals from three different apparatus companies in an attempt to purchase a Ladder Quint.  We needed assistance going through the bid documents to ensure we were clear on exactly what was included in each proposal. It was apparent in our first meeting with Jim that his expertise and understanding of the construction of these vehicles would be advantageous to the town.  Jim was tasked with thoroughly going through each proposal and supplying the town with the pros and cons of each, ultimately making a recommendation on how to proceed.  Jim’s report was beyond our expectations.  It was clear, concise and professional.

I found Jim to be honest and professional in his approach and interactions with all parties involved with the process.  He came highly recommended and did not disappoint.  His attention to detail was exactly what we needed.  I have stated publicly that if not for Jim the town could have made a very costly mistake.  When the future needs of our department arises, it will start with a call to J. Lyons Fire Consulting.  I am very happy with the outcome.  I strongly recommend J. Lyons Fire Consultants”.

– Joe Rodorigo
Vice-Chairman, Town of Beacon Falls Board of Finance
Beacon Falls, CT.
Town of Beacon Falls, CT

“I have personally worked with Jim Lyons as a customer of his since 2009.  We have worked together on many projects through the years.  Jim is very experienced in the fire service industry.  He was the Sales Manager whom also had direct oversight of the maintenance/service division.  He was then our sales representative during the purchase of our new heavy rescue.  Most recently, we reached out to Jim as a consultant on a new venture.

We were considering purchasing our first used fire pumper, which happened to be located halfway across the country.  As stated we had previously worked with Jim on designing a new custom rescue truck and were very pleased with his attention to detail and personal approach in dealing with our department.  We contacted Jim looking for his input and advice on the scope of the project.  He gladly met with my committee and discussed several options with us.  He was instrumental in the education of several non fire department members who had been appointed to the committee by the town.  Ultimately we hired Jim to travel to the truck’s location.  Following an inspection trip of our own to confirm the truck would meet the needs of our department, he and his certified Emergency Vehicle Technician conducted a comprehensive two-day evaluation of the apparatus on our behalf.   The evaluation was extremely detailed and included photos and recommendations in a professional presentation. Ultimately, we purchased the truck. The benefit to the department was that we were able to negotiate the selling price down substantially due to Jim’s detailed report saving the department thousands of dollars.

Jim Lyons is an expert in fire apparatus design and evaluations.  He approaches his job professionally and personally.  His knowledge is extensive and his dedication to doing the right thing for his customers is paramount in all he does.  I would not hesitate to recommend Jim to any organization looking for an honest, dedicated and straightforward person to work on their behalf”.

– Brian Manware, Chief
Clinton Volunteer Fire Department
Clinton, CT
Clinton Fire Dept.

“In the 30 years I have known Jim his commitment to the Fire Service has never wavered. Jim is focused and detailed oriented regardless of the task at hand.  Many thing change, Jim hasn’t. Whatever your task is you take your best troops; Jim will be in the front”.

– Mike Doran
Former Vice President, Ferrara Fire Apparatus, Inc.

“I would like to thank you for your short notice response to our Fire District’s training needs on our new ladder truck.  Your level of knowledge of our ladder truck and your ability to explain each function of the truck to all our fire personnel was amazing.  It is because of your dedication to detail our fire personnel have a high level of confidence operating the new ladder truck.

Thank you again for your hard work in helping Woodbridge Township Fire District #7 to take the next step in our evolution to go from an engine company only to our new role as an Engine/Truck Company”.

– Dennis Henry
President, Board of Fire Commissioners
Woodbridge Township Fire District #7
Fords, NJ  http://www.fordsfire.org

“Over the years we have worked with Jim relative to apparatus design, purchase, delivery and associated equipment selection.  During these activities Jim was engaged in a competitive bid process and had been awarded the project.  In the early stages of the project he invested time to develop an understanding of our current apparatus and sensitivity towards the department’s apparatus/equipment needs and practices.  This insight was valuable as it allowed him the ability to provide meaningful guidance towards vehicle configurations/equipment and suitable options for us to consider.  When engaging with Jim, we felt that when critical/timely decisions needed to be made we were provided accurate information that allowed us to understand the respective benefits and relative trade-offs. In closing, during the procurement process (from providing demonstrator vehicles to post-delivery training), Jim was extremely diligent in assuring that accurate and timely communications to requests/questions were provided, expectations were aligned and project milestones were met.”

– Paul Soderburg
Chairman, Apparatus Replacement Committee
South Windsor Fire Department.
South Windsor, CT.  http://www.southwindsorfire.org/

“Jim is a very detail oriented individual. I had the pleasure of working with him for 2 years and he is wonderful to work with and takes great pride in his work. Jim goes above and beyond to make sure his customers are extremely satisfied. Jim is a great asset to any organization, his experience and expertise in the fire apparatus industry is above and beyond from performance to aerial design and engineering and engine and transmission specifications.

I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Lyons for any position in any organization looking for a gentleman who is a firefighter and brings a commitment to go beyond. Jim Lyons has remarkable combination of modesty, humor, honesty and integrity”

– Jeffrey Fortino
President/CEO at CNY Emergency Vehicles, Inc.

“Jim is a very detail oriented individual whom takes great pride in his work. He truly is a pleasure to work with and will go to great lengths to make sure his customers are extremely satisfied. Jim is a great asset to any organization”.

– Jonathon Van Norman
President, FF1 Professional Safety Services
FF1 Professional Safety Services

“I had the recent privilege of working with Jim Lyons on a new engine purchase for the Aurora/Colden Fire District #6. During the whole process Jim was very helpful, professional and a wealth of knowledge. Jim made sure that the goal of the project was reached and made sure that the objectives we were looking to accomplish were.

He made sure that after delivery that we were happy and that our members understood and felt comfortable with the operation of the engine.

It was a pleasure working with Jim and I look forward to working with him in the future”.

– John Wilger
Chief, West Falls Fire Company, NY
West Falls Fire Company

“Jim Lyons and I have been friends for more than two decades. Knowing someone that long permits me to speak with direct knowledge and authority about his qualifications. During the past 20 years, I have known Jim in a variety of contexts: as a fellow employee, as a customer, as an industry colleague and even as my sales manager. That said, the most defining aspect of our relationship over the years is the brotherhood of the fire service. That is the cornerstone upon which we have chosen to establish our relationships with others in the industry.

Jim Lyons’ experience and expertise in the fire equipment and apparatus industry is considerable, and spans a knowledge of engine company operations, fireground hydraulics, pump design and performance, aerial ladder design and engineering, engine and transmission specifications, metal fabrication, electronics and multiplexing, as well as a wide range of fire equipment including hand tools, power tools, PPE, foam equipment, nozzles and monitors, and the list goes on and on. Moreover, his understanding of and attention to the needs of the customer is simply unparalleled in my experience, and is reflected in the details he brings to informing and educating his customers.

Nevertheless, if you ask his colleagues and customers what is particularly outstanding about his reputation, the two words that most frequently come up are honesty and integrity. For as valuable as his experience and knowledge are, nothing is more important in our industry than these two attributes.

For these reasons, I would not hesitate to recommend Jim Lyons for any position of authority and responsibility in any organization looking for a gracious gentleman whose legacy as a New York (LI) firefighter like his father and uncles brings a commitment to go beyond simply talking the talk. Jim Lyons walks the walk every day with a remarkable combination of modesty and authority, humor and clarity, as well as honesty and integrity”.

– Donald Chambers
Senior Associate, Fit-4-Fire
Donald Chambers